1. tbd
to be determined 待確認
The decision is tbd since we still need some critical information.
tbd 除了表達某件事情在稍待確認外,會根據字句意義的不同,而延伸出其他不同的意思哦!小編建議可以參考這篇解說 >> https://goo.gl/RD4uW7
2. FYI
for your information 供你參考;順道一提(通常 FYI 會用大寫)
FYI, VoiceTube is an incredibly informative website.
給你參考一下,VoiceTube 是個有非常多資訊的網站。
3. rsvp
please reply 請回覆
The conference meeting is set, rsvp by tonight.
rsvp 目的是邀約賓客的主人,希望你能夠禮貌性地回覆是否參加。這個字的原意是來自法國的 répondez s’il vous plaît ,也就是請你回覆 (please reply) 的意思哦!
4. etc.
et cetera …等等
It’s strictly prohibited to put the following items in the carry-on baggage: liquid, guns, sharp objects, etc.
5. Q&A
questions and answers 有問有答
Taylor Swift is having a live Q&A with her fans on Facebook.
6. fwd / fw
forward 轉寄
Since this e-mail is highly confidential, don’t fwd to other people.
7. cc
carbon copy 副本
CC means the recipients who are not directly relevant to the information but to be aware of the content they received.
8. asap
as soon as possible 盡快;越快越好
Please fill out this survey and have it signed asap.
9. ttyl
talk to you later 晚點聊
I have to prepare for my business presentation tomorrow, so ttyl.
10. afk
away from keyboard 不在;不在位子上
I have to be afk for a meeting and will be back in 30 minutes.


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