The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema
The greatest films not in the English language...  
As the World Cup kicks off in South Africa、now's the time to celebrate the great breadth of world cinema out there. From Brazil to Japan to France and Senegal、from Neo-Realism to Dogme to J-horror、we've compiled a list of the very best films not in the English language (note: features、not documentaries). So rustle up some sushi、strike up a gauloise and make sure you've locked your bicycle as we count down the top 100...


50. 嚴密監視的火車 Closely Observed Trains


1966 捷克斯拉夫
Jiri Menzel 導

"We are lucky to have Closely Observed Trains、a film that continues to reward many a close re-watching. (Richard Schickel)


49. 于洛先生的假期 Mr. Hulot's Holiday


1953 法國
大地 Jacques Tati 導

"Christopher Lee voiced the British dub、you know."


48. 帝國毀滅 Downfall

2004 德國
Oliver Hirschbiegel 導

"Ganz's research is impeccable - he even studied rare filmed footage of Hitler in conversation."


47. 十段生命的律動 10

2002 伊朗
阿巴斯 Abbas Kiarostami 導

"If anyone were to ask me what I did as a director on this film、I'd say 'nothing、and yet if I didn't exist、this film wouldn't have existed. (Kiarostami)


46. 夏日之戀 Jules et Jim

1962 法國
楚浮 Francois Truffaut 導

"Jeanne can't choose between the two / 'Cos Jules is hip and Jim is cool." (The Divine Comedy's When The Light Goes Out All Over Europe)."


45. 坐立不安 Suspiria


1977 義大利
Dario Argento 導

"The finest example of giallo seen to date."


44. 生之慾 Ikiru

1952 日本
黑澤明 導

"How tragic that man can never realize how beautiful life is until he is face to face with death."


43. 大鼻子情聖 Cyrano de Bergerac

大鼻子情聖 Cyrano de Bergerac.jpg

1990 法國
Jean-Paul Rappeneau 導

"This film has more panache in its nose than most other costume epics can manage in their whole bodies."


42. 《花樣年華》In the Mood for Love | 2000 | 香港 | 王家衛 


Note that the hotel room number、2046、references the director's next film."


41. 《龍貓》となりのトトロ | 1988 | 日本 | 宮崎駿 


"Miyazaki created such feeling for youth because the movie is part-autobiographical、based on a time that he and his brother had to stay with his father while his mother suffered from TB."


40. 情事 L'avventura

1960 義大利
Michelangelo Antonioni 導

"It's a Lost In Translation for the beatnik generation."


39. 午後七點零七分 Le Samourai


1967 法國
Jean-Pierre Melville 導

"The last word in cinematic cool."


38. 灰燼與鑽石 Ashes And Diamonds


1958 波蘭
Andrzej Wajda 導

"Zbigniew Cybulski is the Polish James Dean、you know."


37. 不設防城市 Rome Open City


1945 義大利
Roberto Rossellini 導

"Did you know that Federico Fellini assisted on the script?"


36. 十誡 Dekalog

1988 波蘭
Krzysztof Kieslowski 導

"There are mysteries、secret zones in each individual." (Krzysztof Kieslowski)


35. 大幻影 La Grande Illusion

1937 法國
Jean Renoir 導

"It's the ultimate humanist masterpiece."


34. 與巴席爾跳華爾滋 Waltz With Bashir


2008 以色列
Ari Folman 導

"Waltz With Bashir is a mesmeric、hallucinogenic and surreal journey into the heart of darkness."


33. M M


1931 德國
Fritz Lang 導

"This won't bring back our children. We、too、should keep a closer watch on our children." (Last Line)


32. La Haine


1995 法國
Mathieu Kassovitz 導

"Hatred breeds hatred."


31. 哥吉拉 Godzilla


1954 日本
Ishiro Honda 導

"The kaiju is a Hiroshima metaphor、you know (while nodding sagely)


30. 無間道 Infernal Affairs

2002 香港

Alan Mak、Lau Wai-keung 導

"Of course、it's less a cop flick and more a dramatic representation of the Buddhist concept of perpetual hell."


29. 四百擊 Les Quatres Cent Coups


1959 法國
楚浮 導

"Cinema is an improvement on life." (Truffaut)


28. 大紅燈籠高高掛 Raise The Red Lantern


1991 中國
張藝謀 導

"The consistent use of delimiting framing devices reinforced the overall sense of repression、doesn't it? (as per David Parkinson's Empire review)


27. 新天堂樂園 Cinema Paradiso


1988 義大利
Giuseppe Tornatore 導

"The ultimate love letter to the cinema."


26. 美女與野獸 La Belle et la Bete


1946 法國
Jean Cocteau 導

"The sheer opulence of the costumes is down to a young man known as Pierre Cardin、who designed the men's wardrobe."


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