The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema
The greatest films not in the English language...  
As the World Cup kicks off in South Africa、now's the time to celebrate the great breadth of world cinema out there. From Brazil to Japan to France and Senegal、from Neo-Realism to Dogme to J-horror、we've compiled a list of the very best films not in the English language (note: features、not documentaries). So rustle up some sushi、strike up a gauloise and make sure you've locked your bicycle as we count down the top 100...


25. 從海底出擊 Das Boot


1990 德國
Wolfgang Petersen 導

"Arguably the greatest adaptation of a combat memoir since All Quiet On The Western Front."


24. 納粹屠城 Come And See

1985 蘇聯
Elem Klimov 導

"Elem Klimov's film is the Apocalypse Now of foreign-language cinema."


23. 蜂巢的幽靈 Spirit of the Beehive


1973 西班牙
Victor Erice 導

"The Spirit Of The Beehive contains exactly 1000 shots - 500 inside、500 outside."


22. 羅生門 Rashomon


1950 日本
黑澤明 導

"Did you know that Rashomon was the first film to point a camera directly at the sun?"


21. 吸血鬼 Nosferatu


1922 德國
穆腦 F.W. Murnau 導

"Is this your wife? What a lovely throat?" (Orlov)


20. 你他媽的也是 Y Tu Mama Tambien


2001 墨西哥
艾方索 導

"The subtle political message can be seen in the surnames of all the main characters、as they are all named after famous figures in Mexican history、such as Zapata、Iturbide and Carranza、whereas the one Spanish character is called Cortes."


19. 天譴 Aguirre、Wrath of God

1972 德國
Werner Herzog 荷索 導

"Every gray hair on my head I call Kinski." (Werner Herzog)


18. 原罪犯 Oldboy


2003 南韓
導演: 朴贊郁 Park Chan-wook 導
演出: 【太極旗生死兄弟】崔岷植、劉智泰、朴恩惠

"If you thought The Dark Knight was the darkest comic book movie of all time、you ain't seen nothing yet."


17. 阿普三部曲大地之歌 大河之歌 大樹之歌 The Apu Trilogy


1956 1959 印度
Satyajit Ray 導

"To have not seen the films of Ray is to have lived in the world without ever having seen the moon and the sun. (Akira Kurosawa)


16. 東京物語 Tokyo Story


1953 日本
小津安二郎 導

"The pacing of Tokyo Story is not slow. It is calm."


15. 血色入侵 Let The Right One In


2008 瑞典
導演: 托瑪斯艾佛瑞德森(Tomas Alfredson)

演出: 莉娜萊恩德爾森(Lina Leandersson)、凱爾赫德布朗特(Kare Hedebrant)

"Of course、they rather fudged the whole issue of Eli's gender、which is dealt with at more length in the book."


14. 藍白紅三部曲 - 藍色情挑 白色情迷 紅色情深 Three Colours Trilogy


1994 波蘭
Krzysztof Kieslowski 導

"Kieslowski is one of the filmmakers I would turn to for consolation if I learned I was dying." (Roger Ebert)


13. 遊戲規則 La Regle du Jeu


1939 法國
Jean Renoir 導

"Renoir described making his controversial masterpiece as like 'dancing on a volcano'."


12. 大都會 Metropolis


1927 德國
Fritz Lang 導

"In the 1940s、the political message of the film was interpreted by the Nazi party to be in support of their ideas、with Adolf Hitler even calling it his favourite film ever made."


11. 生活的甜蜜 La Dolce Vita


1960 義大利
Federico Fellini 導

"There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life." (Federico Fellini)


10. 神隱少女 Spirited Away


2001 日本
宮崎駿 導

"Really、children are quite incapable of grasping the subtleties of the commentary on inter-generational conflict in Japan and the heroine's liminal journey."


09. 恐怖的報酬 The Wages of Fear


1953 法國
Henri-Georges Clouzot 導

"It's the blueprint for the modern high-concept thriller."


08. 第七封印 The Seventh Seal


1957 瑞典
柏格曼 導

"Ooo、if he asks you to play chess、don't even do it. The guy's、like、a whiz." (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)


07. 無法無天 City of God


2002 巴西
導演: 佛南度梅瑞爾斯(Fernando Meirelles)

演出: 麥瑟士納特蓋(Matheus Nachtergaele)、亞歷山大羅得蓋茲(Alexandre Rodrigues)

"There's the odd homage to the action cinema of the northern hemisphere、but this is more than just the Brazilian GoodFellas."


06. 阿爾及爾之役 Battle of Algiers


1966 法國
Gillo Pontecorvo 導

"The most potent left-wing critique since Potemkin and cinema's first block-by-blockbuster."


05. 羊男的迷宮 Pan's Labyrinth


2006 西班牙
Guillermo del Toro 導

"Note how Del Toro's fondness for clockwork is echoed in the stepfather's devotion to his watch - and how clockwork is generally a sinister force in his films."


04. 單車失竊記 Bicycle Thieves


1948 義大利
Vittorio Da Sica 導

"It's a landmark in Italian Neo Realist cinema!"


03. 波坦金戰艦 Battleship Potemkin


1925 蘇聯
Sergei Eisenstein 導

"Did you know that Eisenstein strapped a camera to an acrobat who cavorted down the Odessa steps?"


02. 艾蜜莉的異想世界 Amelie


2000 法國
導演: 【未婚妻的漫長等待】尚皮耶居(Jean-Pierre Jeunet)

演出: 奧黛莉朵杜(Audrey Tautou)、馬修卡索維茲(Mathieu Kassovitz)、賈梅德布茲(Jamel Debbouze)、、塞吉梅林(Serge Merlin)、伊莎貝南蒂(Isabelle Nanty)、多米尼克皮儂(Dominique Pinon)、尤蘭德莫侯(Yolande Moreau)

"Of course、it's the menace behind the big eyes that makes it so compelling."


01. 七武士 Seven Samurai


1954 日本
黑澤明 導

"When Yoda scratches the back of his head in Attack Of The Clones、that's a tic taken from Takashi Shimura's wise leader."


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