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Build a Rocket Boys!
Artist    Elbow
Type    Album
Released    March 07, 2011
Rating    3.47 from 511 ratings
Ranked    #67 for 2011
Indie Rock
Art Rock, Baroque Pop

01. The Birds
02. Lippy Kids
03. With Love
04. Neat Little Rows
05. Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl
06. The Night Will Always Win
07. High Ideals
08. The River
09. Open Arms
10. The Birds (Reprise)
11. Dear Friends


Formed    1994, Bury, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Members    Guy Garvey (vocals, guitar), Craig Potter (organ, keyboards), Mark Potter (guitar, backing vocals), Pete Turner (bass), Richard Jupp (drums)
Genres    Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie Pop, Britpop


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