1991 都市浪人 Slacker

演員:李察林克雷特  Rudy Basquez  Jean Caffeine  Jan Hockey






Slacker, directed by Richard Linklater, presents a day in the life of a loose-knit Austin, Texas, subculture populated by eccentric and overeducated young people. Shooting on 16 mm for a mere $3,000, writer-producer-director Linklater and his crew of friends threw out any idea of a traditional plot, choosing instead to create a tapestry of over a hundred characters, each as compelling as the last. Slacker is a prescient look at an emerging generation of aggressive nonparticipants, and one of the key films of the American independent film movement of the 1990s.


A Slacker’s Story

She's unforgettable. It's difficult to stand out in a cast of dozens of eccentrics, weirdos, and armchair philosophers, but Teresa Taylor is one of the true MVPs of Richard Linklater's independent breakthrough, Slacker. Identified in the credits only as ”Pap smear pusher, ” the character, seen hawking an odd commodity on the streets of Austin, was the invention of Taylor herself, who was once best known as the drummer for the punk band Butthole Surfers. In this clip, featuring Linklater's commentary, learn about the inspiration for this singularly bizarre scene, which gave the film its iconic figure.


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