The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema
The greatest films not in the English language...  
As the World Cup kicks off in South Africa、now's the time to celebrate the great breadth of world cinema out there. From Brazil to Japan to France and Senegal、from Neo-Realism to Dogme to J-horror、we've compiled a list of the very best films not in the English language (note: features、not documentaries). So rustle up some sushi、strike up a gauloise and make sure you've locked your bicycle as we count down the top 100...


100. 決戰夜 Night Watch


2004 俄羅斯
提默貝克曼比托夫(Timur Bekmambetov)


"Do you think Christopher Nolan took his inspiration for the Dark Knight truck flip (around 1.40) from this (around 1.46)?"


99. 少年黃飛鴻之鐵猴子 Iron Monkey


1993 中國
Yuen Woo-ping 導

"The alterations made for its US release ruin the fine work that Woo-ping created - spend the extra money and get the original version on DVD with subtitles."


98. Ran


1985 日本
黑澤明 導

"If Shakespeare could have directed a movie、it would have looked like Ran."


97. 霸王別姬 Farewell My Concubine


1993 中國
陳凱歌 導

"There is in fact no such thing as art for art's sake、art that stands above classes、art that is detached from or independent of politics. (Mao Tse Tung)


96. 黑店狂想曲 Delicatessen


1991 法國
Jean-Pierre Jeunet、Marc Caro 導

"As post-apocalyptic cannibalism movies go、this is probably the most charming one you'll ever see. "


95. 猛龍過江 Way of the Dragon


1972 香港
Bruce Lee 導

"Chuck Norris was specifically told to put on muscle weight to look more impressive when standing next to the lithe and wirey Lee、you know."


94. 光之翼 Yeelen


1987 Mali 馬利
Souleymane Cisse 導

"Yeelen means brightness、don'tcha know."


93. 第四個男人 The Fourth Man


1983 荷蘭
Paul Verhoeven 導

"This is the only film in history where Jesus wears speedos. Oh except for The Last Temptation Of Christ The Swimwear Cut."


92. 攻殼機動隊 Ghost in the Shell

1995 日本
押井守 Mamoru Oshii 導

"You'll notice that Motoko's eyes remain unblinking for long sections of the film、a trick Oshii used to make her seem more 'doll-like'."


91. 再見列寧 Goodbye Lenin


2003 德國
沃夫岡貝克(Wolfgang Becker)

演出: 丹尼爾布爾(Daniel Bruehl)、凱特琳薩司(Kathrin Sass )

"The filmmakers had to use extensive CG to keep the surroundings time-appropriate、such is the change in Berlin since the fall of the wall."


90. 警匪大決戰  Rififi


1955 法國
Jules Dassin 導

"It's the father of the modern heist movie."


89. 金髮女郎之戀 Loves of a Blonde


1965 捷克
Milos Forman 導

"(Loves Of A Blonde) endorsed everything I was trying to do in my own work but hadn't managed yet." (Ken Loach)


88. 列寧格勒牛仔征美記 Leningrad Cowboys


1989 芬蘭

"Jim Jarmusch has a cameo as a car dealer、which makes perfect sense considering the tone of the film throughout."


87. 安德烈.盧布列夫 Andrei Rublev


1966 俄羅斯
Andrei Tarkovsky 導

Rublev co-writer Andrei Konchalovsky also directed Tango & Cash!"


86. 蘿拉快跑 Run Lola Run


1998 德國
Tom Tykwer 導

"An expert editor was required to make all 1581 cuts work、eventually managing at an average shot duration of 2.7 seconds、to keep the pace quick."


85. 同流者 Il Conformista


1970 義大利 

Bernardo Bertolucci 導   

"I don't film messages. I let the post office take care of those." (Bernardo Bertolucci)


84. 奧菲的遺言 Orphee


1950 法國
Jean Cocteau 導

"A perfect visualisation of an ageless love story."


83. 鬣狗的憂傷之旅 Touki Bouki


1974 塞內加爾
Ousmane Sembene 導

The development of Africa will not happen without the effective participation of women. (Ousmane Sembene)


82. 大逃殺 Battle Royale 


2000 日本
Kinji Fukasaku 導

"Life is a game. So fight for survival and see if you're worth it. (Teacher Kitano)


81. 駭人怪物 The Host


2006 韓國
Bong Joon-Ho 導

"The criticism of American military might in the film - since it's an American researcher who dumps the chemicals that create the monster - actually nabbed this film good reviews in North Korea."


80. 印度之母 Mother India

1957 印度
Mehboob Khan 導

"It's the Indian Gone With The Wind"


79. 法外之徒 Bande à part


1964 法國
高達 導

"Tarantino's production company is called A Band Apart、See what he did there?"


78. 瀕臨崩潰邊緣的女人 Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown


1988 西班牙
阿莫多瓦 導

"The Royal Tenenbaums riffs on the Mambo Taxi gag、with the same cab turning up every time a character needs a ride."


77. 十面埋伏 House of Flying Daggers


2004 中國
張藝謀 導

"The Chinese title translates directly as 'Ambushed From Ten Directions'."


76. 白癡 The Idiots


1998 丹麥
拉斯馮提爾 導

"A film should be like a rock in a shoe." (Lars von Trier)


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