es Alejandro Amenabar 亞歷阿曼巴


2009 風暴佳人 Agora

2004 點燃生命之海 The Sea Inside

2001 神鬼第六感 The Others

1997 睜開你的雙眼 Open Your Eyes


亞歷阿曼巴 Alejandro Amenábar

Born     Alejandro Fernando Amenábar Cantos
March 31, 1972 (1972-03-31)
Santiago, Chile
Occupation     Film director, screenwriter & composer
Years active     1992 - present


Mini Biography

Is the son of a Spanish mother and a Chilean father. His family moved back to Spain when he was 1 year old, and he grew up and studied in Madrid. He wrote, produced and directed his first short film La cabeza at the age of 19, and he was 23 when he directed his feature debut Tesis (1996). His film Abre los ojos (1997) was a huge success in Spain and was distributed worldwide. It was remade in Hollywood by Cameron Crowe as Vanilla Sky (2001), starring Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz (also the star of the original version) and Cameron Diaz. The Others (2001) is Amenábar's first English language film.



His favorite directors are Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Stanley Kubrick.

Abre los ojos (1997) is his "remake" of Vertigo (1958), by Hitchcock. In fact, when the character of Sofia appears after hitting Cesar with a jar, it's the same shot of Kim Novak in Vertigo when she appears from the bathroom in the hotel - with green lights

He's a great collector of soundtracks.

He didn't finish his university studies due to one 4th grade subject, "Film writing". The last name of the professor who kept failing him is Castro, and that also the last name of the evil professor in his first long movie, Tesis (1996). Amenábar claims he used the last name inadvertedly at first, it was the university people who noticed the coincidence and asked him to change it. In the end he decided not to, although in the scripts he did write a different name, Gálvez. Incidentally, he has done the script writing in all of his movies so far.

His name appears in Tesis (1996), on a computer screen. When the main character checks the names of the buyers of the cameras, Amenábar is one of them.

Invited to join AMPAS in 2005.

After his film The Sea Inside (2004/I), he received a congratulation's letter from Steven Spielberg, one of Amenabar's favorites directors.

Composes the music for all his movies. Is a self-taught composer who learned to write music using a computer software.



2015 Regression

 A father is accused of a crime he has no memory of committing.

 Director: Alejandro Amenábar

 Writer: Alejandro Amenábar

 Stars: Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke


2009 風暴佳人  Agora


導演: 亞歷阿曼巴

編劇: 亞歷阿曼巴, Mateo Gil

演出: 瑞秋懷茲, Max Minghella, 奧斯卡伊薩克, Ashraf Barhom, 麥可.隆斯戴爾


2004 點燃生命之海  The Sea Inside


演出: 【夜幕低垂】哈維巴登(JAVIER BARDEM)、貝倫魯達(BELEN RUEDA)、蘿拉杜納斯(LOLA DUENAS)、克萊拉西庫拉(Clara Segura)、瑪貝蕾芙拉(Mabel Rivera)


2001 神鬼第六感  The Others


演出:  妮可基嫚(Nichole Kidman)、克里斯多夫艾柯遜(Christopher Eccleston)


1997 睜開你的雙眼  Abre los ojos


編劇: Alejandro Amenábar, Mateo Gil

演出: Eduardo Noriega, 潘妮洛普·克魯茲 Penélope Cruz and Chete Lera



1996 理論  Tesis


編劇: Alejandro Amenábar (screenplay), Alejandro Amenábar (story),

演出: Ana Torrent, Fele Martínez and Eduardo Noriega



1996 The Making of 'Tesis' (TV documentary) (original score - uncredited)

1995 Luna (short)

1994 Al lado del Atlas

1992 Himenóptero (short) 


1992 Himenóptero (short)



柏林影展  Berlin International Film Festival

1998 榮獲C.I.C.A.E. Award - Honorable Mention: Panorama - 睜開你的雙眼 Abre los ojos (1997).
For outstanding direction.

威尼斯影展  Venice Film Festival

2004 榮獲Grand Special Jury Prize+榮獲Young Cinema Award:Best International Film+提名金獅獎 - 點燃生命之海 The Sea Inside (2004).

2001 提名金獅獎 - 神鬼第六感 The Others (2001).



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